Wash your mouth with soap

I think its time we invest in a product that washes the filth in our mouths, because our speech has become so dirty. It's gotten to the point where children are starting to immitate our disgusting dialect and behave in an adult like manner.

wash your mouths with soap
your breath reaks of deragatory terms an
body parts that shouldnt be your concern.
Keep private things that god made private,
be modest and dont descrbe whats hidden in your clothes,
profanity is the language of the fool
and believe me you don't wanna be that fool
That uneducated foul-mouthed fool
who flaunts their stupidity with cursed words type fool
and if your a child remain one
and speak in the dialect of mannerisms
Aint no rush to grow old, stick to your cartoons
Fun dont stay forever cuz that will go too
we may be moving forward too soon
but I don't mind going old school
when it comes to discipline and corporal punishment
To keep my kids in check with their thank you's
and not their F you's
Whats with the inhabitants of todays land
we've lost the voice to speak like the speech of great men
like malcom x, and even our prophets
whom embraced kind words
and spread it with open hands
but its cool , cause thats what were used to
Weve been placed in low ranks
an we'll stay there too
My mouth is dirty can someone pass me the soap
so I can clean out the stench of derogatory terms