Journey with us through the last 10 days at 10 different Masjids

Day 1-Masjid Ar-Rowda (pardon the cheesy blog title)

So a few friends and I thought it would be a cool idea, if we prayed tahajud at 10 different masjids. We were extremely excited to make Ar-Rowda the first one. After stuffing ourselves with food and large amounts of caffeine, we hit the road towards Weston and Lawrence and parked right infront of an empty church (we snickered at this moment). Asma, Hiba, Siham and I had an extremely blessed night praying at this masjid, though we encountered some troubles when it came to suhoor at Tim Hortons, (I am not at Liberty to expose publicly) ..... it was still an amazing night.

Hiba and Asma entering the masjid

We seriously give it up to Tim Hortons... Tim you truly are the love of our lives, though you disappointed me an didnt give me my cup of water, though I'm sure we can negotiate some type of compromise......