Why am I not married yet?

Asalaamu alaikum!

I know I've taken a very long hiatus, but I'm back now and this time for good (hopefully).

It took me years to understand the answer to this question and I'm sure a lot of females from my cultural background or one similar know what I mean. Its not easy growing up with traditional parents and relatives who believe a females only purpose is to be a house wife. For years I have struggled and fought to stand up for myself. I wanted a career, I wanted to be educated, though I kept an open mind about the suitors that came. However each time I fought I was brought back down. I had no one to talk to. I started believing the traditional ways and the goals that I had achieved meant absolutely nothing. You see in the eyes of my family…… my career meant "distraction". From the other females I have spoken to I realized they didn't have anyone to talk to as well. I wanted to address this issue here.

My parents started believing I was avoiding marriage when in fact it just hasn't happened yet. There is no real reason as to why I am not married, I'm just not…simple as that. When things don't work out, its because they weren't meant to work out. I have never questioned the will of Allah (swt), it just wasn't written.

So to all you foreigners that are going through what I went through. Don't question or doubt yourself. If it hasn't happened yet that doesn't mean you lack beauty or charm. All it means is that it was written that way. It will come, just stop stressing and continue living life……that is all.