Experience is an asset

Asalaamu alaikum!

It took me about 40 minutes to go to my job interview, the traffic was terrible but I stayed optimistic, I looked great I felt great nothing could get in my way. I Arrived at my interview 10 minutes early, my hijab on point, with an extra pin stuck inside my purse…I was just PREPARED. The interviewer was a bit late, but I was still pretty patient, I already had a good first impression and that was punctuality. Now usually with whats going on in the news I should've been nervous considering I wear my religion on my head, but I wasn't. My identity was my winning factor, I was a minority, and considering there weren't any muslims at first glance, I figured they needed me…for diversity and because I'm just awesome.

So the interviewer arrives eventually, apologizes for her lateness and we begin. The questions were straight forward, nothing unusual. She asks me what I would change in the hiring process to help nurses or other medical professionals and my response was "Everyone deserves a chance and experience shouldn't be the deciding factor, everyone has had a beginning at one point." I felt strongly about my statement, a few questions later the interview ends she thanks me for coming and says expect to hear from her in a weeks time.

A week later I find out she hired someone else with…. MORE EXPERIENCE. Now considering how the interview went I figured I was probably a default interview and they must've already chose someone to fill quota. However did she not hear what I said!!!!, just because I have no experience does that make me flawed?. I drove to another city for a 15 minute interview, does that not show dedication……

Anywho, to potential employers if you are reading this….. You were once unexperienced, it happens, Get over it!!

that is all.